Gormon's First Exhibition & Booth

Hello friends!

Gormon has exciting news!

We haven't been updating as frequently because we've been very busy preparing for something exciting!

GORMON is taking part in our very first art exhibition AND we will also be having a GORMON booth selling exclusive handmade GORMON products!

Two of our pieces will be on display at the Singapore National Library (Basement near the Multipurpose Room) from the 4th to 30th of November,

The GORMON booth selling handmade GORMON products will be at the National Library Building, The Plaza on the 22nd of November from 11 AM to 5 PM.

This is in-conjunction with TCZ Studio's Creative Market.

We will have more details on this event and also the items we will be selling closer to date. Stay tuned for more news!


Inktober + Drawlloween 2014 - Duelling

Inktober No. 6 was suppose to be 'Haunted House'. But we wanted to do another Harry Potter inspired piece because...

Well, because we can! :)


Inktober + Drawlloween 2014 - Dobby the House Elf!

The 5th Inktober was supposed to be 'goblin', but we decided Dobby the House Elf was much cuter and wayyy more fun to draw!